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Evaluating the Competitive Strategy of Tablet PC Industry

Question: Describe about the Evaluating the Competitive Strategy of Tablet PC Industry. Answer: Jet Go Australia is an Australia based airlines company, which operates regular public transport in different routes (Technologies 2016). The company also provides service on the international market and therefore, the company has adopted different strategies. In order to evaluate the organizational strategies for surviving in the competitive market, following is the evaluation of the theory relating to Adaption, Aggregation and Arbitrage. Adaption: Adaption is a organizational activity, which helps the organization to create suitable presence in international market according to the cultural aspects of the targeted country (Mitra 2016). In order to conduct this activity, the company has adopted efficient marketing strategies for different countries. The marketing and promotional strategies are based on the needs and requirements of the consumers (Chen et al. 2016). In order to adopt cultural aspects of the targeted countries, the company has implemented effective communication model, which helps the company to understand needs and wants of the consumers (Chang and Tsai 2016). Apart from that, the company has improved their logo for different countries in order to create a global presence in different countries (Lee, Yoo and Kim 2016). In this aspect, the company has adopted variation approach, which helps the company to implement different policies depending on the countrys cultural aspects. Apart from cultural aspect s, legal aspects of the targeted country are also considerable factors for the company. Aggregator: This strategy helps to improve the service quality of the company in different business location. In this approach, there are certain issues that might affect the brand image of the company (Chen et al. 2016). In case of Jet Go, the company has taken a proactive approach for improving the service quality. The company has provided training to the workforce for improving their performance rather than just pressurizing the workforce. In this manner, Go Jet is mitigating the possible risk factor of aggregator approach (Chen et al. 2016). Arbitrage: this approach refers to the process of exploiting difference between different markets rather than adopting the market specifications (Mitra 2016). In this manner, most of the company adopts different types of pricing strategy depending on different market location. In case of Go Jet, the company has implemented different pricing strategies depending on the economical condition of the targeted country (Chen et al. 2016). Through this strategy, the company can maintain their business profitability by implementing respectively high and low pricing strategy accordingly to the market. Reference list Chang, S.C. and Tsai, P.H., 2016. Evaluating the Competitive Strategy of Tablet PC Industry by Using Fuzzy Group Decision Making Techniques Chen, C.M., Lin, Y.C., Chi, Y.P. and Wu, S.C., 2016. Do competitive strategy effects vary across hotel industry cycles?.International Journal of Hospitality Management,54, pp.104-106 Lee, S., Yoo, S. and Kim, D., 2016. When is servitization a profitable competitive strategy?.International Journal of Production Economics,173, pp.43-53 Mitra, S., 2016. Models to explore remanufacturing as a competitive strategy under duopoly.Omega,59, pp.215-227 Technologies, V. 2016. Take The Jet. Available from: [Accessed 26 May 2016]

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Sylvia Plath free essay sample

Sylvia Plath struggled throughout her life. She found a love for writing and exhibited her talent for words early on. She started school early and began writing poems at the age of five. From then on, Plaths passion for words influenced her life greatly. In addition to writing, love was a large aspect of Plaths life. Her rocky relationship with her husband Ted Hughes caused her o go into a deep state of depression. This unhealthy relationship also had a large influence on her poetry. The unconventional poetry of Sylvia Plath reflected her life experiences, her search for love, and her unstable mental state. From early on, Sylvia Plath experienced many things no person should ever wish to experience. At the age of eight her father suddenly died from complications of diabetes (Sylvia Plath). This directly influenced her famous poem, Daddy, where she depicts her strict, authoritarian relationship with her father. We will write a custom essay sample on Sylvia Plath or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Because Auto Plath died hen Plath was very young, Syliva was never able to express her true feelings towards her father. She beings to write in the first sentence, l used to pray to recovery you, revealing her desire to have had a strong relationship with her father. Then Plath begins to compare her father to a Nazi and herself to a Jew (Moore). She fears her father and feels persecuted by him. Also, Plaths mother, Aurella Scholber, was forced to work two Jobs to support her family after her husbands death (Lucas). Plath reveals in her diary her hatred towards her mother. She writes, What to do ith her, with the hostility, undying, which I feel for her? I want, as ever, to grab my life from out under her hot itchy hands. My life, my writing, my husband, my conceived baby. Aurella Plath lived for and through her children. She was completely selfless and would do anything for her children. Plath hated this and would continuously trace the boundaries for herself that her mother neglected to impose (Moses). Furthermore, because Plath exhibited signs of success early on, she began school two years early (Sylvia Plath). She was criticized and Judged throughout er years of school because of her intelligence and young age. The only way she knew to escape her harsh reality was through her writing. Her writing is a direct reflection of her life. As Plath grew older her life became a rollercoaster. She went through many ups and downs that shaped her poetry. After high school graduation, Plath moved to Cambridge, England on a scholarship (Sylvia Plath). There, she met English poet Ted Hughes who was six years older than her. At the age of twenty-four, Plath married Hughes (Sylvia Plath) less than a year after they met. This was one of the more Joyous times of her life that influenced her happier poems. A year later, they moved back to Massachusetts, and soon after her life changed forever when she gave birth to their children Frieda in 1960 and Nicholas in 1962 (Syliva Plath). They brought Joy to her life and what she truly needed to inspire her writing. Very rarely was Plath viewed as a happy person or writer. She went through very few highs in her life. One of the happier times in her life was when she was married composed the poem, Morning Song. It is a moving poem that depicts becoming a ew mother. The newborn brings Joy to Plath but also brings extreme anxiety. She feels the baby is part of her life, but feels as if she is a stranger to the child as the very first image of the conception of the baby reveals. The mother claims that love has caused the babys arrival and says, Love set you going like a fat gold watch. This reveals her desire to own the child who belongs to the fathers clan and not to hers (Sharma). What Plath is trying to convey to the readers is that as the baby gets older, it acquires its own individuality and this mother fears this. In the second stanza, the child is being compared to a new statue located in a drafty museum, a place for nonliving things. This suggests the vulnerability of the mother regarding her newborn (Sharma). Furthermore, the title of the poem, Morning Song, is symbolic of the rebirth of the female self as a new mother. This poem reflects Plaths new anxiety of motherhood and her Joyous time of life. The 1930s were a time when women struggled to gain rights. Plath lived in an era that defined a womans role. She felt confined by a male dominated society, which aused her to become very skeptical of love (How Did Sylvia Plath Treat the Theme of Feminism in Her Poetry). At first, she hated men because of how women were treated and strongly believed that women should be treated equally but struggled to gain respect (Plath, Sylvia). This time period caused Plath to isolate herself from society. She rarely left her home and was scared to find love (Sylvia Plath). Her anxiety towards love influenced many of her feminist works. Plath struggled with feelings of inadequacy throughout her life. She felt inferior to men and was insulted by the constraints of society. This led her to compose the novel, The Bell Jar. Here, she speaks for all women with a startling feminist view, criticizing the male dominated society (How Did Sylvia Plath Treat the Theme of Feminism in Her Poetry). In the Bell Jar, the character, Esther, is a product of the patriarchal society in which Plath lives. Esther is a very intelligent woman but is restrained by the time period she lives in. The other character in the novel, Buddy, portrays a typical male during the 1950s. He believes his Job, as a doctor is more important than Esthers work. One night as Esther is returning home from a hotel she egins vomiting. She states, l would feel it rising up in me again, and the glittering while torture chamber tiles under my feet and over my head and on all four sides closed in and squeezed me to pieces. Esther believes she must cleanse herself before she returns home. What she is really doing is cleansing herself from society. Esther wants to rise up against society but is unable to and remains trapped in a Bell Jar (Voight). This entire novel demonstrates Plaths views of men throughout life. It can almost be viewed as an autobiography. Throughout the novel, Esther, represents Plath and her story is a direct reflect of Plaths life. As life went on, Plath continued to feel a sense of hostility towards men. This all had changed when she med Ted Hughes, whom she thought would be the love of her life, in 1956 (Sylvia Plath). This newfound relationship caused her to let her guard down and accept men into her life. Hughes brought a new Joy to Plaths life and changed her perspective of men. At first, Plath wanted to hide the marriage but as time went on she became proud of her love and never wanted it to end (Neurotic The beginning stages of Plath and Hughes marriage exemplified a perfect elationship. They quickly fell in love and they had two beautiful children. As time went on, however, Plath needed to constantly be reassured that she was loved (Sylvia Plath). Hostility formed between the two and their marriage finally came to an end when Hughes left Plath for his mistress, Asia Gutman Wevill (Syliva Plath). This caused Plath to spiral into a state of depression. Plath developed a pattern where, throughout her life, stress would lead to illness, which would cause depression and more stress (Neurotic Poets-Sylvia Plath). Beginning in childhood, because she had begun school two years early, Plath was ften teased and lacked social skills. She had few friends, which caused signs of depression early on. As years passed, Plath went off to college, where she experienced periodic bouts of depression (Neurotic Poets-Sylvia Plath). One day, when Plath had returned home her mother noticed healing scars on her legs. When her mother asked what those were, Plath said she Just wanted to see if I had the guts and admitted that, l wanted to die! After this, she was immediately taken to see a psychiatrist (Neurotic Poets-Sylvia Plath). Plath had several sessions and was finally diagnosed with severe depression. Then, Plath began electroshock therapy, which was thought to be the best treatment at that time. As this therapy continued, Plath developed acute insomnia (Neurotic Poets-Syliva Plath). She went through a period where she did not sleep for three weeks and became immune to sleeping. Plath hated life. She felt trapped and wanted to find a way out. Because of Plaths intense depression, she attempted to commit suicide. On August 24, 1954, Plath broke into the family lock box and stole forty pills. She took these pills and fell into a deep sleep under her porch (Neurotic Poets-Sylvia Plath). When her family discovered her missing, a search was launched. Two days later she was found alive. Plaths plan to kill herself was unsuccessful and she was then admitted to a mental hospital. She was released eight months later and had found a new inspiration for writing (Neurotic Poets-Sylvia Plath). The newfound inspiration brought Plath great success. She began bleaching her hair platinum blonde to proclaim her new persona (Neurotic Poets-Sylvia Plath). That spring, many things went well for her. She won a poetry prize and continued to earn excellent grades throughout school (Neurotic Poets-Sylvia Plath). During the summer this all began to change when she began to date an older man whom she claimed had raped her (Neurotic Poets-Sylvia Plath). Plath was never fully able to recover from this traumatizing experience and continued to struggle throughout life. When Plath was married to Hughes, she was blissful. This all changed when her marriage rapidly came to an end. Plaths world became too much for her to take and the depression had overcome her. No one was able to stop Plath and on February 1 lth, 1963, one of the coldest English winters, she killed herself in one of the most unconventional ways. Plath locked herself in the kitchen and knelt in front of the open oven and turned the gas on (Neurotic Poets-Sylvia Plath). Finally, Plaths misery came to an end. Sylvia Plaths work often reveals a harsh, demonic, devastating, inner self. Most of her poems dealing with her mental illness were published after her suicide (Sylvia her long, hidden rage over years of doubleness, smiles, and compromise (Sylvia Plath 2). Plath uses extended metaphors as she compares life and crossing over to crossing a black lake. This poem was written at a time in Plaths life where death was continuously on her mind. She believed death was everywhere and it blinded her to see everything else in the world as she indicates by writing, are you not blinded by such expressionless sirens? This poem shows the true effect of Plaths mental illness on her life. Critics regarded Plath as the poet of death (Sylvia Plath 2). Her poetry is labeled as confessional, but is really a combination between fact and fiction, where the reader never really knows which is which (Moore). Her true gift was being able to provide autobiographical info in her poetry without her poetry becoming a biography itself (Moore). Plath was admired and often praised for the passion and formal structure of her poems, where she confronted her tensions and conflicts (Lucas). Although she was sometimes criticized for the intensity and truthfulness of her poems, Plath left an everlasting mark on literature by introducing a new style of writing. Sylvia Plaths poetry was a direct reflection of her hardships, her hostility towards men, and her mental illness. All of these factors led her to be an influential poet. Early on, Plath faced many hardships in her childhood. These hardships continued to follow her throughout her life. Her life experiences were a direct influence on her poetry. Also, Plaths poetry largely focused on feminism. She lived in a male dominated society, which caused her to write about her feelings towards men. She was skeptical of finding love and wanted to be treated equally. All these factors contributed to Plaths mental illness. She is viewed as one of the darkest poets. The only way she knew to escape her dark life was through her writing. Thus, Plath introduced a new confessional style of writing and influenced many literary works. She left a mark on the world of literature and will never be forgotten.

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King Edward II essays

King Edward II essays The life of King Edward II began on the year of 1284. As a young man, Edward was very outgoing and extravagant. He usually kept unsavory friends. People think today that Edward was probably homosocial, which means he probably only had social relationships between people of his own sex. Before taking the throne Edward was the first Prince of Wales. He was prince until the Welsh were defeated, after their defeat they wanted a prince who could speak Welsh. Edward I guaranteed them that he would get one who could speak no other who which would be Edward II which was Edward I son. Edward II was to young to even speak. This event is still between England and the Welsh even today.(Midgley p.1 of 6 lines 6 Edward II took the throne in 1308. As soon as Edward became king people considered him to be weak. They considered this because Edward liked athletic sports, rowing, knitting, theatricals, and manual crafts. He was crowned on February 28th as a result of his perceived unsavory life style, the Lords Ordainers, a committee of twenty one men led by Henry Plantagenet, Earl of Lincoln, was established and drew up forty one articles known as the ordinances of 1311 to try to control the king. (Midgley p. 1 of 6 lines 10-13) The parliament had gotten together and made Edward to agree to their wishes on April 1308. While on the throne Edward II became best friends with Gaveston. Gaveston was a ward of Roger Mortimer, who had great influence on Edward. In 1310 the aristocracy revolted against Edward and he became very unpopular. In 1314 Edward place England under baronial control because he was defeated by Robert de Bruce at Later Edward had a love come into his life. Her name was Isabella and she was 17 years of age. She was originally from France. After the mur ...

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How to Improve Email ROI With Matthew Montoya From Constant Contact

How to Improve Email ROI With Matthew Montoya From Constant Contact Email marketing is that trusted friend that’s been around forever and will never let you down. You can always turn to it when you need some help. Plus, it gives you a whopping average ROI of 3,800%. That’s $38 for every $1 invested. Today, we’re talking to Matthew Montoya, the partner enablement and training manager at Constant Contact. He has helped consult more than 13,000 businesses on email marketing best practices. Email has been around a long time, but Matthew describes current trends and what works today. People who give you their email address are expressing interest in your business Quantify the value of your email list by multiplying the size of your list by the price point of the average they sell to get a dollar figure Biggest change in email marketing over the last seven years is mobile readership; 51% of business/non-profit emails will be opened on a mobile device People used to spend 35-40 seconds reading an email; now it’s 5 seconds Emails need to be succinct, make an impression, and include a call to action Think of an email not as a message, but an advertisement where people see the information, act on it, and go to your website or elsewhere to learn more Every contact matters and can produce money for your company The more targeting and testing you do, the better your responses HTML vs. Plain Text: Depends on your audience, but concise HTML emails usually generate higher, better responses Preview email messages to see how they display on different devices Know your audience to know what content they will find valuable and relevant Constant Contact’s Marketing Pillars: Segmentation, personalization, automation People look first at who sent an email, rather than the subject line; email should come â€Å"from† the brand Test subject lines to avoid repetition and make sure they grab readers’ attention Explore all marketing options across platforms all work together to share a story Links: Constant Contact Constant Contact for Free Email Subject Line Tester Integrations Write and send a review to receive a care package If you liked today’s show, please subscribe on iTunes to The Actionable Content Marketing Podcast! The podcast is also available on SoundCloud, Stitcher, and Google Play. Quotes by Matthew Montoya: â€Å"Email marketinghas changed dramatically over the last seven years. What used to be a best practice has evolved.† â€Å"Email marketing may haveless sex appeal than social media and other kinds of marketing.† â€Å"The one app that most people don’t even think of as an app is email. And yet, that’s probably the most used app on your phone because that’s where we’re doing business.† â€Å"Think of an email not as a message. It’s not a form of communication. It’s an advertisement.† It’s really important for everybody, if there’s one huge takeaway today beyond just building a mobile-responsive and mobile-friendly email, it’s making sure your content within that email is relevant.

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Conference Organised by Beyond Zero Campaign Assignment

Conference Organised by Beyond Zero Campaign - Assignment Example Daniel Steel was one of the speakers. He is an expert in laboratory tests especially blood test.   Therefore, he was an important speaker bearing in mind that Beyond Zero Campaign fight blood loss during childbirth. As a media personality from Sky news, He gave me chance for an interview after he was through with the speech. Steel is in his early forties and he is the C.E.O of blood test Clinix Company that is in Texas. The company involves itself in the business of blood testing. Medicine is not complete without blood analysis. When a doctor wants to check the status of your health such as to know the level of cholesterol or sugar in your body, blood testing must take place. The process usually requires needle and blood test tubes. The blood drawn from your veins into the test tubes go through testing in the laboratory by lab technicians. The biggest companies for blood testing in America are Quest and Laboratory Corporation of America. The two companies generate huge revenue and hence blood analysis is a lucrative business and steel was here not only to speak at a conference but also to drive his agenda of opening blood testing centres in Africa. â€Å"It is not expensive to test blood. It can be done fast and easily when the right tools are used†. Steel told his audience. While in the conferenc e, he had worn his working uniform to sound more convincing. He spoke systematically that everyone understood him. He started blood test Clinix Company with other medics 10 years ago at his young age of 23. Since then, the company has done well in the business and has developed many blood test methods. With only a drop or two, you discover many health conditions, whether cancer or any other. The blood centre is doing all it can to avail their blood test services to many hospitals. The idea of doing this is the help those who are far from the blood testing centre. Blood samples from the patient go from the hospital to the clinix lab. Discussions are underway for clinix to collaborate with as many hospitals as possible.  

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The artwork of Gustav Klimt is controversial Research Paper

The artwork of Gustav Klimt is controversial - Research Paper Example rtwork, Klimt was among the acknowledged founders, and also worked as the chair of the 1997 Vienna Secession; he was also a major player in the group’s Sacred Spring (27). The paintings done by Klimt attracted top prices for the works of art done by artists. One of the artworks from his collection, which attracted a top price was the portrait Adele Bloch-Bauer of 1907; it was bought by Ronald lauder for the Neue Galeria at US 135; it was the highest-priced painting in 2006 (30). The artwork (paintings) done by Gustav Klimt are controversial. The rationale for this Experiential Learning Project is to learn more about Klimt’s artwork. The goal is to educate the reader on why Klimt’s artwork was controversial (Whitford 57). The research contained within this paper will support the thesis and provide examples for the reader. Gustav has numerous works of art demonstrating his radical ideas, which was deemed controversial (Bisanz-Prakken 25).This project will focus on expert and personal research by experiencing the art created by Klimt. The design of this research will be based on books, and case studies. The ELP Experimental Research Data contains the personal research of the writer of this paper. All research was conducted from July 13th to August 8th, 2014. The controversial nature of Gustav’s artworks can be traced and understood after gaining a detailed understanding of his birth place, family and the work of his father and family. Firstly, Gustav’s father was a silver and gold engraver living and working around Vienna. Partly, due to the influence of the father’s career, he received training in the field of arts at the Vienna-based decorative arts learning centre (Partsch 267). Later on, in 1882, together with a friend and brother, he started a studio, which specialized in the development of mural paintings. The studio was quite successful right from the start, and it won assignments from establishments like museums, theatres, semi-public and also

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Rhetorical Analysis of a Modest Proposal Essay Example for Free

Rhetorical Analysis of a Modest Proposal Essay Swift’s â€Å"A Modest Proposal† written in 1729 was his proposal â€Å"for preventing the children of poor people in Ireland, from being a burden on their parents or country, and for making them beneficial to he publick† (Swift, Title). This proposal included the selling, skinning and buying of babies at the age of one. This proposal that he has come up with is a very inhuman and controversial one when it comes to being socially acceptable. Swift begins his essay by describing walking down a street in Ireland. He describes how you would see, â€Å"beggars of the female sex, followed by three, four, or six children, all in rags, and importuning every passenger for an alms† (Swift, Para. 1). This gives the reader a mental picture of how bad things are for the women he is trying to help. Swift then talks about how there are very many of these poor people in Ireland and how they are not able to be part of the middle or working class. Look more:  how to write satire essay He then proposes his idea that the children could, â€Å"contribute to the feeding, and partly to the cloathing of many thousands† (Swift, Para. 4). In no way, shape, or form is the eating of or the using of children in this manner acceptable. No society would ever find it suitable to eat or make babies into clothes. Dr. Swift has made a proposal that he should know would not work because of the inhumanity that it is asking people in which to participate. Jonathan Swift later tells the reader of how he has, â€Å"computed the charge of nursing a beggars child (in which list I reckon all cottagers, labourers, and four-fifths of the farmers) to be about two shillings per annum, rags included; and I believe no gentleman would repine to give ten shillings for the carcass of a good fat child,† (Swift, Para. 14). This is a good thing that Swift does telling how the mother would stand to make money on selling her child to a man for dinner. Except, I do not believe you couldn’t find a willing mother to sell her child knowing that it would be eaten by a human for a meal. Dr. Swift has made a plan for people with no remorse or thought of their children. The only place this plan could be carried out and continue working is a place with robots that have no feeling or conscious. Swift then makes the statement, â€Å"Those who are more thrifty (as I must confess the times require) may flea the carcass; the skin of which, artificially dressed, will make admirable gloves for ladies, and summer boots for fine gentlemen,† (Swift, Para. 15). He thinks that someone would be able to treat a baby’s skin as an animal’s and make it into a glove or boot without objection to what it is. This is another flaw in his plan. There are people who are against making animals into clothing. Therefore, I am sure that there would be people against the making of clothes from baby. Next, Dr. Swift gives 6 reasons of why he thinks the plan is a good one. His second reason states, â€Å"Secondly, The poorer tenants will have something valuable of their own, which by law may be made liable to a distress, and help to pay their landlords rent, their corn and cattle being already seized, and money a thing unknown,† (Swift, Para. 22). He thinks that poor tenants with children will be able to give their landlords something valuable by giving them their child. No landlord would take a child as a means of money because it just costs more money to them to have the child then without it. In his fourth reason Swift says, â€Å"Fourthly, The constant breeders, besides the gain of eight shillings sterling per annum by the sale of their children, will be rid of the charge of maintaining them after the first year,† (Swift, Para. 24) If the people who like to â€Å"breed† hear of this then they will just think that they will be able to keep having children and selling them instead of having a job. This would cause more jobless people and after so long the supply of the babies would surpass the demand. There then would be poor children hanging on their mothers again in the street defeating the purpose of the plan in the beginning. Fifthly Dr. Swift says, â€Å"This food would likewise bring great custom to taverns, where the vintners will certainly be so prudent as to procure the best receipts for dressing it to perfection; and consequently have their houses frequented by all the fine gentlemen, who justly value themselves upon their knowledge in good eating; and a skilful cook, who understands how to oblige his guests, will contrive to make it as expensive as they please,† (Swift, Para. 5). Again, I refer back to how people would not be able to eat the carcass of an one year old child, but also I think that if you were to find a cook to make this and a person to eat it that it would be at such an outrageous price that the people could not afford to try the meal of the baby. Finally, the last reason I do not think that this plan would work is what is in the final paragraph of the essay-â€Å"I profess, in the sincerity of my heart, that I have not the least personal interest in endeavouring to promote this necessary work, having no other motive than the publick good of my country, by advancing our trade, providing for infants, relieving the poor, and giving some pleasure to the rich. † (Swift, Para. 33). If the person that is proposing the idea at the end of the idea tells you that he has no interest in promoting his own proposal, I believe that it means he thinks that it also will not work and could not be enacted on a society. I am not the only one that is outraged or appalled with the works of Dr. Swift. Patrick Delany also states â€Å"As I have marked the passages that seemed to me most faulty, and gave me most offence, I beg leave to point them out, as they come in my way: without any further preface, or apology. The picture he draws of the Yahoos, is too offensive to be copied, even in the slightest sketch. † (Kathleen, Pg. 132). Delany and I are both offended and disagree with Swift’s works, but as a satire writer this just shows how effective his writing is on his audience. He tries to use outrageous and controversial subjects in order to grab the attention of his readers and keep them reading his papers. This style works very well and is a great way to get your point across. This style has grabbed the attention of all the readers and will continue to grab the attention of all the future readers of his essay.